Scientific Information

  • Name # Testosterone Undecanoate
  • Chemical # 17 beta-undecanoyloxy-androst-4-en-3-one
  • Formulation # C30H48O3
  • Molecular Weight # 456.7
  • Detection Time # 7 Days
  • Half Life # 6 To 7 Hours
  • Street Name # Andriol Testo Caps


The Andriol steroid is known in the medical world as testosterone undecanoate. It belongs to a class of commonly-prescribed medications known as androgens. While it has an array of medical benefits, especially for men, it is also used among athletes and bodybuilders as a stack alongside many anabolic steroids.

What Is Andriol?

The Andriol steroid is actually a type of testosterone that was specifically developed to provide maximum benefits in medical uses. It is often prescribed to men whose bodies have lost the ability to produce testosterone naturally for any number of reasons.

Some physicians may prescribe it to men who have unconfirmed low testosterone levels when there is evidence that increasing the level of testosterone in the body will provide desired results. In most cases, it is prescribed at a moderate dose and then switched to a lower maintenance dose to keep up with the results once they have been achieved.

For athletes, testosterone like the Andriol steroid is considered a requirement for those using anabolic steroids. Since these steroids inhibit the production of natural testosterone in the body, the supplements are required to prevent undesirable Andriol side effects.

They can also play an important role in the overall performance of the steroids by boosting the bulking or cutting potential. Andriol was designed to be absorbed through the lymphatic system so that the compounds will not be destroyed as they pass through the liver.

Where to Find Andriol for Sale

Because the Andriol steroid is considered an essential by many athletes, it can be purchased in a variety of ways. Many people have noted that they can find it in their local gyms being sold “under the radar” either by other athletes or by the gyms themselves.

However, since the potency or efficacy of these supplements cannot be confirmed, this is often not recommended. Andriol is available in some countries without a prescription; in others, it may only be legally obtained when it is prescribed by a doctor.

For those who would like to take Andriol as part of a bulking or cutting cycle, it can be found online from reputable companies. However, before making a purchase, it is important to consider the source and the country from which the medications originate.

Potential buyers should do some research on both the company and the ingredients that are included, and it never hurts to get information from people who have purchased products from a particular retailer in the past.

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Despite the fact that Andriol steroid has a reputation for being overpriced and under-effective among bodybuilders and professional athletes, this is certainly not the case. Andriol is one of the safest testosterone delivery methods out there and it should be considered among those using any form of anabolic steroid.

Possible Side Effects
  • Nausea
  • Vomitting
  • Headache
  • Hair Loss

Is it Safe to Buy Andriol Online?

Whether or not it is safe to buy the Andriol steroid online depends somewhat on the legality of the product in the country in which you live.

There are some countries in which possessing Andriol in any form without a prescription is illegal, and there are others in which it may be purchased from pharmacies or pharmaceutical companies without a prescription. It is up to the buyer to determine the laws in his or her location and use that information to assess the risk of purchasing.

Another factor that affects the safety of buying Andriol online is the company from which the testosterone is purchased. There are dozens of companies online that will claim to sell it, but users may not actually be receiving any testosterone at all; they may actually be purchasing an herbal supplement that is designed to mimic the effects and this is only spelled out somewhere in fine print.

Be careful when making such purchases and make sure that the products contain the ingredients they claim to contain. You can likely find unbiased reviews regarding these sites prior to making a purchase, and this will give you a good idea as to the reputation of the company.

What are Andriol Stacks?

In order for Andriol steroid to work at its full potential, it should be stacked with other supplements.Some professionals will advise users to stay away from Andriol as non-injectable hormones do not produce the desired immediate results, but since the Andriol side effects are minimal thanks to lymphatic absorption, many still want to find the best way to maximize its potential. Dianabol is the most popular stack, particularly at the start of a bulking cycle because it provides a kick-start to any other cycle that the athlete would like to start.

In any event, it is best to start taking Andriol steroid at the same time as any other anabolic. Just as a doctor would prescribe, a starting dosage of 120mg to 140mg for the first couple of weeks followed by a maintenance dosage of between 40mg and 80mg for each week of the cycle thereafter is preferred. This not only keeps the Andriol side effects at bay, but it also reduces the occurrence of side effects that may occur due to low testosterone levels in the bloodstream.

Despite the fact that Andriol steroid has a reputation for being overpriced and under-effective among bodybuilders and professional athletes, this is certainly not the case. Andriol is one of the safest testosterone delivery methods out there and it should be considered among those using any form of anabolic steroid.

Example Stacks

Using Steroids should be done under strict medical supervision.

  • Cutting Stack
  • Andriol + Dianabol + Clenbuterol
  • Bulking Stack
  • Andriol + Deca Durabolin + Anarol
  • Mass Stack
  • Andriol + Trenbolone + Anadrol
  • Endurance Stack
  • Andriol + Sustanon + Trenbolone
What Is an Andriol Cycle?

Some people who have used the Andriol steroid have claimed that it is ineffective and a waste of money. However, these people were more than likely not aware that Andriol is not an anabolic steroid; it is actually an easily absorbed form of testosterone. As such, it should not be cycled in the same way as a steroid.

Men who are using supplements like Dianabol or perhaps even Winstrol should note that these inhibit the natural production of testosterone. Left unchecked, this can cause health problems and unwanted side effects. The primary purpose of Andriol is to provide the testosterone that the body can no longer produce due to the androgenic effects of the actual anabolic steroids.

Another common concern is the inability to hold onto any gains that were provided through the use of an Andriol steroid cycle.

Though this may be the case when it is not stacked at all or if it is not stacked properly – or even if it is used for short cycles and very brief periods of time – proper cycling and stacking can and will produce the desired results, particularly during bulking cycles when natural testosterone production is nearly nonexistent.