Best Cycle and Stack Uses

Andriol is most commonly used in bulking cycles as it achieves results desirable for one who wants to gain muscle, increase weight (muscle mass not fact) and enhance strength.

Steroids are often ‘stacked’ with other similar steroids to enhance the results achieved – ie they are taken in combination with other steroids in order to improve the impact of the drugs. Some steroids which can be effectively stacked with Andriol include the following:

Stacks and Cycles

Steroids are generally consumed in cycles – short periods of between 6 – 12 weeks were one takes a combination of steroids on an alternating basis to achieve a desired result. There are two cycle types:

1. A ‘Bulking’ Cycle
2. A ‘Cutting’ Cycle

The cycles that you choose depends on the specific results that you want to achieve. A bulking cycle is a cycle during which you will take steroids with properties such as muscle building, weight gaining, strength increasing etc.

The aim of this cycle is to build up your body and to do this one must increase their calorie intake to up to twice the recommended daily amount depending on the amount of exercise you are doing and the intensity of the cycle being undertaken. During this cycle the predominant exercise engaged in during workouts would be weightlifting.

Stack Andriol With
  • Anavar
  • Primobolan
  • Trenbolone
  • Equipoise

Below are a number of sample bulking cycles for the above sample stacks. Most beginners undertake a six week initial cycle increasing the length and intensity after the body has adapted to the steroids and has been given time to rest. Next an 8 weeks cycle is usually undertaken followed by a final 12 week cycle. The longer the cycle the better the results and the longer said results will last – however, you will also increase the risk of side effects with prolonged use so use carefully and with caution.

Example Stacks

Using Steroids should be done under strict medical supervision.

Cycle 1. Andriol + Anavar + Trenbolone

Time: 6 weeks

  • Andriol for 6 weeks – take for 5 days followed by a 2 day break
  • Anavar for the last 4 weeks – take for 3 days followed by a 4 day break
  • Trenbolone for the last 4 weeks – take for 3 days followed by a 4 day break

Cycle 2. Andriol + Equipoise

Time: 8 weeks

  • Andriol for 8 weeks – take for 5 days followed by a 2 days break for the first 6 weeks and for 3 days followed by a 4 day break for the final 2 weeks
  • Equipoise for the final 2 weeks – take for 2 days followed by a 2 day break

Cycle 3. Andriol + Dianabol + Primobolan

Time: 12 weeks

  • Andriol for the first 8 weeks – take for 5 days followed by a 2 day break
  • Dianabol for the last 8 weeks – take every second day
  • Primobolan for the final 4 weeks – take for 2 days followed by a 1 day break.
Cycle Andriol With
  • Andriol + Anavar + Trenbolone
  • Andriol + Equipoise
  • Andriol + Equipoise + Trenbolone
  • Andriol + Dianabol + Primobolan

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